A high school senior takes an end-of-the-year prank too far

Rochester, NY - (NBC) - A Rochester high school student's prank leads to his suspension, and classmates say he might not graduate.

The Mayo High School student reportedly tampered with the yearbook and changed the last name of an underclassman to a term so derogatory the school says it's taking disciplinary action.

Leaving the grounds Monday afternoon, some Mayo High School students say, there's a lot of buzz about the incident known as the "yearbook prank."

"Around Wednesday is when they started going around to classrooms trying to fix everything and that's when we all heard about it," says junior Adam Gibson.

A senior with access to this year's yearbook reportedly changed the name of a younger student, who we've chosen not to identify, to instead read "molester."

"He's going to be known for the rest of his life as this nickname and that sucks," adds Gibson.

Mayo High School officials refused to talk to the NewsCenter on or off camera about this incident, and went as far as to say, "We're not even going there."

They eventually released a statement in a e-mail. Part of it reads, "The yearbook staff is disgusted that their trust was violated, takes the incident very seriously and has taken steps to correct the error."

Students say teachers asked them to return the yearbooks or fear failing their final exams.

"They were trying to collect them all to black out the name and put a tag over it," says senior Briana Clement.

The yearbooks have since been returned. A sticker with the student's correct name now covers the derogatory term, that no doubt will leave a more permanent mark on everyone involved.

School officials admit, they have disciplined the senior prankster, but wouldn't elaborate because of student data privacy acts.

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