New aneurysm treatment

(NBC) - A man who has struggled with a brain aneurysm for ten years may be getting some relief.

Neuroradiologist Dr. Peter Pema is starting to perform a brand new type of surgery to save his life.  Pema is going to go through the groin to seal off the aneurysm in the brain.

About one in fifteen Americans suffer from aneurysms.  If they rupture, it can lead to stroke or even death.

Pema will use Onyx-HD 500, just approved by the FDA, in the procedure, which acts like glue for the brain.

"I put a balloon across the neck of the aneurysm, to seal the neck with a catheter in place in the aneurysm, and then inject this lava-like glue just simply to fill the whole space of the aneurysm," Pema explained.

The glue hardens and prevents ruptures that can lead to devastating bleeding and strokes.

The treatment is ideal for patients with large aneurysms that have what doctors call "wide necks" that are hard to seal off.

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