Consider This - Oil Spill

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

This week, President Barack Obama was interviewed by NBC's Matt Lauer regarding the government's response to the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

"We have responded with unprecedented resources, and when you look at what most of the critics say, Matt, and you ask them, 'Specifically what is it the administration could or should have done differently that would have an impact on whether or not oil is hitting shore?' You're met with silence," Obama said.

Well Mr. President, just so we don't fall into the group that only criticizes without offering a solution, consider this: How about enlisting more ships to string oil booms in front of endangered marshland rather than having a lone ship to tackle the huge battle? Or how about ensuring that the oil booms that are deployed are actually not bunched up like a slinky and instead are serving a purpose and stopping the oil? Or why not have thousands of people on the beaches of northwest Florida picking up oil instead of a vacant coastline?

So rather than worrying about whose butt you need to kick, why don't you get more butts to the Gulf to help clean up the mess that is growing larger and larger every day, causing more and more damage and ruining more and more lives. Now Mr. President, you can't say you only heard silence when asked how you and your administration could help.

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