Results show who will face off in November

(NBC) - Arkansas' Blanche Lincoln narrowly got a victory against millions spent by unions and environmentalists.

"The vote of this Senator is not for sale," said Lincoln.

Analysts say Nevada's Tea Party victory may actually help Senator Harry Reid once challenger Sharron Angle's views get full scrutiny.

"Nothing but making but deals and Harry Reid has been chief among those deal makers," said Senate Nominee Sharron Angle.

Nevada's Governor was handed a pink slip by voters in his state and he blames the economy.

"No one told me at the beginning we were gonna have an economic recession with the depth and the breadth the state has had," said Governor Jim Gibbons.

Brian Sandoval is the Republicans' choice.

"I promise you I am going to work harder than ever before," said Sandoval.

In California, the Republican lady CEO's swept the ticket. Meg Whitman faces Jerry Brown for Governor.

"While politics is Jerry Brown's business, MY business is creating good new jobs," said Whitman.

Carly Fiorina takes on Senator Barbara Boxer.

"The people of California have had enough," said Fiorina.

South Carolina's nasty 4-way Republican race for Governor is down to two. Nikki Haley overcame allegations of infidelity and she's in a runoff with Gresham Barrett.

It's all good news for the Tea Party, which backed several winners. But can they perform in November?

"When you get into a general election environment, it's generally anti-one party," said Political Analyst Charlie Cook.

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