Oil threatens recently endangered brown pelican

(NBC) - In Louisiana's wetlands, bird breeding grounds and virtually every creature in them are now covered in oil.

"The Brown pelican just taken off endangered list and now you see what the oil is doing," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said.

The sugar white beaches of Florida, normally a tourists' paradise, these days feels like anything but as oil slides closer to the shores.

"They just cancel and say they will just take their vacations somewhere else," Megan Nelson of the Paradise Inn said.

"My niece asked me last night, is this going to be cleaned up by our next vacation? I mean you know, she's 7 years old, how do you tell her?" one man said.

President Obama will try to figure out what to say later Friday as he meets with those affected by the spill on his third trip to the region. Thursday night, he appeared on Larry King Live.

"You know, I am furious at this entire situation," Obama said..

It's a situation that he will soon see is still getting worse.

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