Mind over matter weight loss

(NBC) - Becky Riley is direct and honest, sometimes brutally honest when it comes to food.

It's that honesty and wisdom that has helped Candy Shaw drop 115 pounds in the last year.

"I started doing the diet and I learned from Becky very shortly that it was all about how you saw food," Shaw said.

The diet she's referring to is better known as Health Management Resource or "HMR." Basically it's the number one medically managed weight loss diet program.

"It's all over the country," Riley, a health educator, explained.

It involves an orientation, a meal replacement plan and lots of support.

"She showed me food is just fuel for my body," Shaw said.

The meals provide something more than just weight loss.

"I'm mentally alert. I used to have an afternoon slump and now it's like I can just keep going and going and going," Shaw said.

She also learned there's no time like the present to make a change.

"I would tell people they should not wait for a heart attack or stroke to do something to change their lifestyle, they need to do something today," Shaw said.

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