Does It Work: Soap Magic

(WMBF) - Washing your hands is one of the top ways to keep germs and illnesses at bay, and now one product is making it even easier to get soap into your hands.

The Soap Magic is a hands-free, battery operated soap dispenser that operates off of an infrared sensor to dispense certain styles of soap. The makers of the product say the best types of soaps to use include dish detergent, hand soaps and sanitizer gel.

The Soap Magic's manual instructs users to fill the soap tank and take a few pumps to disperse the soap through the product's tubing. Hand sanitizer kicked off the test, and users found it flowed in adequate spurts and automatically shut off after use.

While the unit shuts off as soon as users remove their hand from under the portal, some product was reported as dripping onto the counter.

Typical hand soap was the next product in line for the test, and users found the thinner the soap, the less it flowed through the Soap Magic's tubing system. Users found more traditional dish soap with higher viscosity worked well in the Soap Magic.

Despite the potential loss of soap product from dripping, the Soap Magic passes the "Does It Work" test.

The Soap Magic is available for $20 and comes with four AAA batteries required to use the dispenser.

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