Oil spill impacts Memorial Day weekend

(NBC) - For Paul Cook, Memorial Day Weekend has always meant being out on the water, but now he fears this year's shrimping trip with his sons and grandson, could be the last.

"My grandsons are never gonna have what I had when I grew up," said Cook.

It is the same for charter captain Mike Frenette. Normally, his fishing lodge would be packed on a holiday.

"Everything should be full down here," said Frenette.

But this year, instead of taking tourists to the fertile fishing grounds, he is stuck taking us to see oil slowly choking the Delta.

"I hate to say it, but I see the end of an era," said Frenette.

For BP, the weekend brought the end of the top kill and the start of the next try, dubbed the lower marine riser package.

BP Managing Director Bob Dudley said, "Slice off the top of that riser with a clean surface. And then drop over this containment. It will be a four to seven day operation."

And even then, if it works, the company admits it Will not be a tight enough seal to stop all the oil, leaving the relief wells in August as the most likely end to the gusher.

And leaving those on the water to wonder how much more oil is on the way.

"What's happened in 40 days - I can't imagine next few months," said Frenette.

It's leaving them wondering how much more their wetlands and way of life will be able to handle.

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