Change is good for Atlantic Beach Bikefest

Atlantic Beach, SC - By Trey Paul - bio | email

ATLANTIC BEACH, SC (WMBF) – The Atlantic Beach Bikefest is here and you may notice some changes this year.

"It's really nice. Very comfortable," said Raheem Batts.

He says it's still loud, but this year he says things are more organized and busier.

"I see an increase in attendance," he said. "I see that people are attending it more."

Craig Stevens says that's probably because of better advertising and national sponsors.

"I know they have some of the national riders and celebrity riders here this weekend," Stevens said.

Some shirt vendors say stricter helmet laws in Myrtle Beach are still hurting their business, but even they admitted turnout this year is better.

"People are generally getting along and having a good time. The community is welcoming," Batts said.

Atlantic Beach Town manager William Booker supported that thought when he told WMBF News there have been significantly less incident reports this year. So why the change?

"The thought process is in place this year," Stevens said. "Basically making sure the riders are safe, not where it's going to cause a problem for the people who live here."

"I think that people kind of gave up on it last year thinking that it was a thing of the past, but through advertisements we decided to say let's make it happen," said Batts.

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