Does It Work: E-Z Cracker

(WMBF) - It's never a pleasant surprise to find parts of an eggshell in your favorite meal, but now one product promises you'll never drop another piece of shell into your food ever again.

Kellie Fewell put the "E-Z Cracker" to the test after the commercial promised the product was extra easy to use.

"It worked perfect! I am shocked," Fewell said, as she cracked egg after egg with the E-Z Cracker.

Not only does the product promise to crack your eggs without a hassle, it claims it can also separate the egg's yolk and egg whites in a mess-free manner. Fewell put the egg in the product's cradle, and found within seconds, her egg was perfectly separated.

While it's 2-2 during the product's testing, Fewell said the E-Z Cracker had a slight problem peeling hard-boiled eggs. She found it was easier to peel the egg over the sink with running water.

Does the E-Z Cracker get a passing grade?

"[I'd give it] an 'A.' It really does what it says," Fewell decided.

The E-Z Cracker can be found at retail stores across the nation for $16.

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