Emergency repairs provide quick fix to Little River sinkhole

Little River, SC - LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - Emergency repairs have been completed after a 14-foot sinkhole closed the main entrance of a neighborhood in Little River on Monday.

Heather Lakes Drive was re-opened to drivers and residents of the Heather Lakes subdivision Thursday, following a 14-foot excavation of the sinkhole. The hole, according to Horry County spokeswoman Kelly Brosky, formed adjacent to the road.

Horry County Public Works Director David Gilreath said the issue required a quick fix, so it did not harm any residents walking or driving through the area.

"[The] worst case scenario would be somebody falling into it, unaware, like walking a dog, or a child falling into it and possibly drowning," he said.

Residents in the community affected by the road closure said they're happy with the quick fix by Horry County road crews.

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