How about a 13-bedroom home for just $75 million?

(NBC) - Florida time share mogul David Siegel has put his 13 bedroom, 23 bathroom, not yet completed mansion on Lake Butler on the market for $75 million.

The Siegels announced their plans to build the largest family home in America in 2003.

The house is not yet completed, and because of the economic downturn and the struggling time share industry, the Siegels put construction on hold early last year.

They've now have decided to sell it.

The house is 90,000 square feet and boasts a 20 car garage, bowling alley, roller rink and a theater.

It's built on Lake Butler and features 1.4 miles of lake shore property.

The real estate agent who is handling the listing said the house has already generated interest from potential buyers all over the world.

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