Darlington students learn genetics unconventionally

Darlington, SC - DARLINGTON, SC (WMBF) – Darlington High School biology students got a chance to learn about genetics, by playing with puppies.

Several times a year John Cipollina visits biology classes and uses dogs and puppies to demonstrate genetic concepts to students.

"Knowing genetics is essential to a good breeder," Cipollina said.

By demonstrating genetics in a non-conventional way, Cipollina hopes to reach out to students who may not even know they have an interest in the field.

"Education sometimes has a one size fits all mentality," Cipollina said.  "However, something you say different may be the thing that makes an uninterested student interested."

He has found the presentation successful in giving students a practical, hands-on approach to high school biology.

"As educators, we have the power to make an impact in students' lives, whether through traditional ways or not," Cipollina said.

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