Controversial hog farm causes a stink in Dillon Co.

Dillon County, SC - DILLON COUNTY, SC (WMBF) – Despite concern from area residents, officials with the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control are reviewing plans to expand a controversial hog farm in Dillon County.

The owners of the hog house, which sits along Harlees Bridge Road in the Little Rock community, say they want to expand their operations to include four new hog houses.

According to an official draft of the plans, each house will hold 880 hogs until they reach an exit weight of 240 pounds. However, people who live in the Little Rock community believe the housing expansion will only add to the foul odor emitted from hog manure.

The farm's owners insist manure droppings will fall through slatted floors and will be collected in a concrete pit. A gravity release system installed on the farm will allow for the manure to be transferred into a storage tank until it is land-applied.

Officials with DHEC have confirmed the smell of the farm is not a factor they're considering in the presented proposal.

DHEC has not set a timeline on when the project could be approved.

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