Does It Work: Pet Hair Magnet

(WMBF) – Everyone has a soft spot in their hearts for animals, but may hate the coating of fur their pets leave behind. Now, a new product promises to put an end to the problem.

The Pet Hair Magnet promises to clean up the fur left behind by your dog or cat with a simple sweep. It looks like a squeegee you'd use on your car, but actually packs magnetic-like pulling power.

The product easily sweeps unwanted hair into a pile, but does it have the power to pick it up? We found the direction should have said "vacuum needed."

The magnet's packaging also says it works on furniture. Unfortunately, that wasn't the case. A test revealed the magnet can sweep the hair off of a couch, but then dumps it into the crevices.

The Pet  Hair Magnet is much quieter than using a vacuum to sweep up what a cat or dog can leave behind, and works the best on flat surfaces.

It's happy tales for the $7 product that earns a B+ on this "Does It Work" test.

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