More traffic creates dangerous intersection

Johnsonville, SC - JOHNSONVILLE, SC (WMBF) – Some in Johnsonville say an increase in downtown traffic has lead to one intersection becoming dangerous.

The city council has taken action and eliminated two parking spaces on Broadway Street at the intersection of Hampton Avenue.

Johnsonville Police Chief Ron Douglas says there have been several accidents there because people could not see to get onto Broadway Street.

"We had several collisions," Douglas said. "So we thought it was in every ones best interest to block those spaces off and not allow any parking right there at the corner of the intersection."

Douglas says several new businesses have opened downtown creating an economic boom for the small town.

"With the economy slow we're glad to have more businesses in town, which creates more traffic and we're glad for that part," Douglas said.

Douglas also says more traffic is the price the town is paying for more business.

"Anytime you enter onto a roadway, you have to yield to any oncoming traffic, that's so close to constituting an immediate hazard," Douglas said.  "And unfortunately people get impatient and get tired of waiting and just pull out."

He reminds drivers the worst thing to do is to be impatient.

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