Loose pit bull kills seven cats

Conway, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) - A pit bull on the loose in Conway killed seven cats and now the dog owner is facing a hefty fine.

According to the police report, the incident occurred on the 1200 block of Laurel Street. Amber Nichole Tucker, 18, was fined $700 after being cited for allowing her dog to kill.

Joe Riggs, who is also an employee of WMBF News, said he walked out of his house on Friday to see the cats dead in his yard.

"I just called the police and said, 'Listen, you might want to come up here, bring animal control with you,'" Riggs said. "'There's a dog that just killed a bunch of cats in my yard. I've never seen this dog.'"

Riggs said he also feels sorry for the dog and its owner.

"Maybe [the dog] was just playing with the animals and he didn't realize what he was doing," Riggs said. "All in all it's just a sad situation."

Gabrielle Graham, who lives across the street from where the dog was running loose, said she is just glad her cat Nilla is OK.

"It's horrible, just to even think about it," Graham said. "It's scary."

Attempts to reach Tucker Wednesday afternoon for comment were unsuccessful.

According to the police report, Tucker said she didn't realize the dog had gotten out of the fenced area and told police it was hard for her to believe it had killed the cats.

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