Deer jumps through window into salon

Benton, KY - (NBC) - A Benton, KY, hair salon turned into a zoo over the weekend when a deer jumped through the window and tore the place apart.

It started as a normal Sunday afternoon at Choppers Hair and Tanning Salon.

The receptionist said she was in the bathroom and a client was tanning when they heard the sound of breaking glass.

"You don't expect to walk out of a tanning bed and see a deer," Alishia Crabtree said.

Along with that, Crabtree got an eyeful of a mess. She came in to tan, but got more than a nice glow.

"I heard glass shattering," Crabtree said, adding she thought the place was being robbed. "I walk to this doorway and right here to the left, I notice a huge deer."

"A deer decided he wanted his hair cut too, I guess," owner Janssen Northington said with a laugh on Monday.

Northington said the deer jumped through one of the store's front windows while the receptionist was in the bathroom, and proceeded to wreak havoc on the salon.

"Broke water lines and messed up the floor and damaged lots of our product," Northington said.

The deer cut itself when it jumped through the window, leaving blood and hair behind in the shop.

"If I would not have known it was a deer, I'd a thought somebody had broken in and been murdered," Northington said.

No one was hurt, except the deer, which left after about 20 minutes.

"Only in Kentucky," Crabtree said of the break-in.

"Just a freak thing," Northington added.

It's also, says Crabtree, a great conversation starter.

"I am going to have lifetime stories to tell everyone. People are going to think I'm full of it, but it's definitely going to be a good story," Crabtree said.

Northington says the insurance company hasn't given them a damage estimate yet, but she expects it to be in the thousands of dollars.

Choppers hopes to be back open in a few days.

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