Consider This - Oil Spill

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

The outrage is growing over the BP oil spill that continues to impact the Gulf of Mexico region. The clean-up plan or lack thereof seems to be the focus of much of the heated debate and the source of some of the greatest frustration.

Consider This: It seems Louisiana, unfortunately, has the distinction of serving as ground zero for exposing governmental failures when it comes to major disasters. President George W. Bush and his team did a pathetic job dealing with the issues associated with Hurricane Katrina and now President Barack Obama and his team are following suit with their pathetic response in assisting with the oil spill clean-up efforts.

Government leaders have said BP has the expertise and equipment to deal with controlling the leak miles below the surface, and that is probably correct, but other governmental entities should be leading the effort to protect the marshlands and coastline and quickly clean up the oil that has already come ashore.

The people of Louisiana, Mississippi and rest of the Gulf Coast states deserve a better response. Once again this region gets to serves as the poster child for government's inability to get it right.

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