Brewery goes green in Idaho

(WMBF) - Penny Pink is the owner of a brewery in Idaho that's starting a new trend.  She says her new equipment isn't only more environmentally friendly, but it's also allowing her business to expand in tough times.

"Every day is green beer at Portneuf Valley Brewing," Pink said.

Investing thousands of dollars in upgrades, the Portneuf Valley Brewery is in the process of becoming green with each beer they brew.

"It's much more environmentally friendly in terms of its water and energy consumption, and the amount of chemicals it takes to clean the tanks," Pink explained.

In addition to using less water and less energy, the tanks will also increase the capacity allowing the brewery to continue to meet its growing demand.  Positioning the company in the right way was important for Pink, the 17 employees and their families to be able to continue to grow and expand the business.

Worker Devon Marcel agrees.

"It's inspiring. It's nice to see someone take charge and move ahead. With the down economy and everything, it's nice to see someone carry the flag and say, 'We've got to move forward or we're not going to move at all,'" he said.

This expansion comes with a hefty price tag, though. The cost of the new tanks and their shipping was in the tens of thousands of dollars. To Pink, however, spending that money was an investment in much more than just brewery.

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