Gulf Coast residents tell BP how they feel

(NBC) - A few days before Memorial Day Weekend and there is no holiday on Louisiana beaches. The suits are hazmat and the shovels are not children's toys.

"I feel devastated, absolutely gutted," BP CEO Tony Hayward said.

On Tuesday, Hayward took a first hand look at the clean-up. But for those who see it every day in the waters they call home, it is no surprise and just a source of growing anger.

Louisiana Resident Erwin Menesses said, "Can you replace my heritage?"

Answered by a BP Representative, "No sir, I can't."

"No you can't. You got to understand that. It's not just money. It's more than money," said Menesses.

In Chalmette, LA, a town hall meeting turned into a cry for help. Anger now directed at BP and the Federal Government.

"I'm disgusted. I'm so tired of this. The marshes are dying while they keep throwing the ball back and forth," Plaquemines Parish President Billy Nungesser said.

"We are not standing on the sidelines and letting BP do what BP wants to do," Secretary of the Interior Ken Salazar said. "The Federal Government has mounted the largest response to fight this oil in all of the history of this country."

With robotic submersibles prepping the site, BP will try its 'top kill' method that will be pumping heavy drilling mud and cement into the leak early Wednesday morning.

"We don't have 24 or 48 hours. This oil is moving too quickly," Louisiana Gov. Bobby Jindal said.

Those in charge, are not moving quickly enough for those whose lives depend on it.

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