Does It Work: The Potty Patch

(WMBF) – Springtime means a busy time for dog and cat breeders, and with the new bundles of joy comes the responsibility of potty training. Now, one new product promises to make the daunting task a little easier.

The Potty Patch claims it can get your pet potty trained without the hassle, and all it takes is a fake patch of grass. Ella, an active 9-month-old Maltese who doesn't always like to do her business outside, is putting the product to the test.

"She's for the most part potty trained, except when it rains or snows," Ella's owner, Shelley McNallen, said. "She likes to go out and play, except when it's cold out."

McNallen started assembling the Potty Patch by placing the tiers on top of each other. The top tier is fake grass, while the middle is a grate that keeps the grass dry and collects any liquid that falls from the grass.

As McNallen assembled the product, she did warn other users the fake grass can fall off and get a little messy.

Ella was left to do her duties on the Potty Patch, but over the course of a few weeks, McNallen said the 9-month-old pup completely ignored it. Her owners tried to lure her to the Potty Patch, but said they're now disappointed in the appeal.

"In some ways because I was hoping that when we travel and we are in a hotel and can't get her outside, it would be a tool for that," McNallen hoped.

Ella preferred her pet door and the great outdoors, and will even make the trek outside when it's cold and raining. One benefit of the product – she hates the Potty Patch so much that she will not go to the bathroom inside of the house near the product.

Not every dog that tested the Potty Patch veered away from the product. Lisa McBride found her Yorkies used it right away.

"[You could] probably save quite a bit instead of buying puppy pads all the time," McBride commented. "Those are expensive."

The Potty Pad costs a little over $50 with shipping and handling, and receives a B+ for this "Does It Work" test.

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