SeeClickFix: Ninth Avenue in Conway

Conway, SC - CONWAY, SC (WMBF) – After several viewers complained about an area of Conway "infested" with drugs and crime, Conway Police said they are working hard to clean up the area.

"We don't see police coming around," Kevin Misaou claimed, who has been a resident of Gasoline Alley for eight years. "When you call [the police], they still don't come and it takes like an hour."

Michael also wrote on the See, Click, Fix section of

"This is where all the drug dealers stand on the corner and sell drugs day and night, rain or shine. I think if the media got involved in this, police will do something about [it] because they're going to have a spotlight on them."

After investigating the area and confirming problems with robberies and gang violence, Conway Police say they're taking extra steps to combat the alleged problem.

"There are extra officers who patrol nothing but the area on Ninth Avenue and Gasoline Alley," Conway Police spokeswoman Catina Hipp said.

Hipp says the department has added extra patrols, especially on weekends, in an effort to curb the gang activity residents have complained about.

"Anytime you see something going on or you see a crime, we urge you to call the police," Hipp added.

On May 25, neighbors and police are expected to meet at the EME Apartment Complex off of Ninth Avenue to discuss what measures can be taken to prevent gang violence.

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