Second medical scare could keep Bret Michaels out of "Apprentice" finale

New York - (NBC) - It could be an "Apprentice" finale unlike any Donald Trump has had before.

He will be choosing between two finalists Sunday night during a live show but one of them may not be there in person.

When Holly Robinson Peete and Bret Michaels go head to head in Donald Trump's boardroom Sunday night, the rock star may be doing it long distance.

"He's a very competitive guy. He wants to be there," Trump said.

But after a pair of medical setbacks this week, Michaels' participation in the New York finale may have to be via satellite.

The lead singer for "Poison" suffered what doctors called a warning stroke earlier this week.  It led to the discovery of a hole in Michaels' heart that will eventually require surgery.

These setbacks come just a month after Michaels suffered a near fatal brain hemorrhage.

"Fifty percent of the people who had what Bret had, which is essentially, an explosion in the brain, they don't even make it to the hospital," Trump said.

Michaels, who is diabetic, has been competing on behalf of the American Diabetes Association.  During production on the series, Michaels found out his nine year old daughter Rayne, also suffers from the condition.

But Trump insists Michaels' troubles won't be a factor in deciding a winner Sunday night.

"Honestly, if I did it on that basis, I'd lose credibility.  And I think Bret would want it that way.  If he doesn't do as well as Holly, he's not going to make it, that's all," Trump said.

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