A family's video camera is rolling when their dog faces a bear

Portage, WI - (NBC) - There aren't many things that will get your heart racing in the morning quite like looking out the back window and seeing a bear, but a Portage, WI, family's fascination with seeing the bear quickly turns to fear when their dog stepped outside.

Watching their home video you can see how startled the bear actually is to see the dog. She stands her ground and wins the face off as the bear heads for the woods.

They were tense moments in an encounter that's becoming more common in southern Wisconsin.

"This year we have a heck of a lot more bear calls coming in," said Conservation Warden Paul Nadolski.

Last Friday alone, the Department of Natural Resources got calls about four bear sightings near Portage.

The woods and marsh areas around Portage make for a perfect bear habitat but when you're talking about bear sightings in the middle of city neighborhoods it can be a little close for comfort.

So far the bears haven't been aggressive according to the DNR. They say they're usually coming into the city to get at food left outside, greasy patio grills or bird feeders.

According to the DNR if you see a bear the best advice is to wave your arms and make a lot of noise.

They even suggest taking a bell with you if you're walking in the woods - just never turn your back and run.

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