Fox that attacked woman in Little River positive for rabies

Little River, SC - LITTLE RIVER, SC (WMBF) - A fox that was killed after attacking a Little River woman on Saturday has tested positive for rabies, according to the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control.

DHEC reported Wednesday that Cindy Funderbunk, who was bitten by the rabid fox Saturday, is undergoing a series of vaccinations over a 28-day period.

According to Katelynn Goins, the fox was trying to bite her and others on a Little River trampoline. Goins' father, Keith Goins, came to the rescue with a 9mm handgun.

Keith Goins shot at the fox, which scared it away for a time, but came back as Funderbunk was picking up her daughter. Funderbunk said the fox chased her across the street and bit her ankles as she ran between two cars.

"They say once your bit, you have 10 days to react, or it will turn fatal," Funderbunk said.

Keith Goins kept after the fox and was able to shoot it. The fox was taken to Horry County Animal Care Center, where it was tested.

While Funderbunk was lucky to receive quick treatment, neighbors in the surrounding area say they're keeping a watchful eye out for other animals looking for a fight.

"I've got a plan that I'm going to catch some raccoons and foxes, have them tested, and make sure there isn't anything else out there," Keith Goins said.

DHEC officials are also doing their part to make sure the community is aware of the attack. On Wednesday, DHEC officials went through the neighborhood passing out flyers explaining the attack and dangers of rabid animals.

This is the first animal that has tested positive for rabies in Horry County in 2010. There were 11 animals in 2009 that tested positive in Horry County, including nine raccoons, one bat and one cat.

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