Customer attacks robbery suspect

(NBC) - The Hamilton County, OH, Sheriff's Office said an attempted armed robbery ended Monday when a customer intervened.

Deputies said Nick Thompson, 27, of Reading, jumped the pharmacy counter at a Walgreen's, brandished a knife and demanded OxyContin.

The sheriff's office said a customer behind Thompson, Michael Wright, then jumped the counter and tackled Thompson.

"I launched over and grabbed him by his hood," said Wright.

The good Samaritan said he heard something clank to the ground while struggling with Thompson. Wright said he wasn't sure if the sound was a gun or a knife.

Wright said he pulled Thompson back to the customer side of the pharmacy, where he and his wife held Thompson down until help arrived.

"I was yelling at the guy, 'You can't do that. You've got to come back. You can't go there,'" Wright's wife, Malinda Wright, said. "When we were holding him down, he was shaking. He was in withdrawals. He was shaking and I felt all of that going on."

The Wrights said they know they could have been wounded or killed by Thompson; however, they said they'd do it again.

The family said that when Michael Wright returned to fill a previous prescription, the pharmacist hugged him.

Neighbors welcomed him with cheers and asked to hear the story when he got home, the Wrights said. Some of their neighbors are managers at other Walgreen's stores.

"He's always my hero," Malinda Wright said.

Deputies said Thompson had several outstanding warrants and has now been charged with aggravated robbery.

Thompson is being held at the Hamilton County Justice Center pending a bond hearing.

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