Phone app disables phone when driving

(NBC) - Advancements in cell phone technology have made us more connected than ever before. They've also opened our eyes to the dangers of distracted driving.

However, there are ways to overcome the technology. IZUP is something a lot of parents are going to want to check out. It's an application that basically turns your phone into a brick when the car is in motion.

IZUP can be installed on several models of phones available from most major cell phone carriers. It costs $5 per month, or you can get a family plan for just under $8.

IZUP uses the phone's built-in GPS. When the app senses that it is in a car traveling faster than five miles per hour it deactivates the phone, sending all calls to voicemail. It also deactivates the ability to send and receive text messages and it won't let you use apps.

The makers of the app say they're part of a larger movement to bring an end to distracted driving.

"We really believe that education, legislation and technology have to work together because no one solution can solve the problem alone," said Darcy Ahn of IZUP.

The cool thing about the IZUP app is that it takes into account emergency situations. You can still call 911 even if the car is in motion. You can also exempt up to three phone numbers for calls and allow one app to be running. That feature could be used for navigation features on your phone.

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