Police find frozen alligator, dead snake in Milwaukee home

Milwaukee, WI - (NBC) - A raid on a Milwaukee, WI man's properties has uncovered dozens of exotic animals.

Police raided what is believed to be 60-year-old Terry Cullen's residence on Monday and emerged carrying a frozen alligator. They also found a dead snake carcass, but no live animals.

Neighbor Jim Sinicki watched police search the home and took pictures.

"There's no telling what he had in there before the police came by," Sinicki said. "I just want to know some answers, like why is he doing this."

A warehouse used by Cullen is now boarded up and condemned by the city.

Last week authorities removed some 250 exotic animals from the property and another 60 creatures from his girlfriend's home. Five giant anacondas were among the animals seized.

Alderman Jim Witkowiak, who represents the near south side, is calling for Cullen to come forward.

"A lot of the reptiles in here were basically neglected," Witkowiak said. "I just wish he would come forth and cooperate with the police."

On a YouTube video, Cullen urges people to call him with donations for his reptile rescue fund. He answered that phone last week and told police he was in Connecticut, but has yet to turn himself in.

An attorney who has represented Cullen said he had "no comment" when reached by a reporter Monday.

Police began looking at the addresses as part of a sexual assault complaint, but have not named the target of that investigation.

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