Tampa's adult industry expects business boom when the RNC comes to town

Tampa, FL - (NBC) - The Republican National Convention will be in Tampa in 2012 and nude nightclub owner Joe Redner says that's a good thing.

When the Super Bowl comes to town, Redner keeps the Mons Venus open 24 hours a day. He expects the Republican National Convention will also help the bottom line here.

"It will probably double my business for three or four days," said Redner. "Well, I think its good for Tampa."

Redner believes politicians, even if they are Republican, will let loose in his infamous strip club.

"I got to think that people that gravitate towards power for the sake of power, have their little idiosyncrasies that you know that they don't want us to know about," said Redner.

The Tampa Police Department says they'll be keeping an eye out just to make sure the law is followed.

"Well, our primary focus will be to ensure that we have a smooth and safe event, but we will enforce all of our law and so we will have officers assigned to enforcing our prostitution laws during the convention," Laura McElroy of the Tampa Police Department.

During the last Super Bowl, Tampa Police made a number of arrests for prostitution. For this convention police say they'll even be keeping an eye on Craig's list to see exactly who is advertising and the services being offered.

"We will monitor any and all sources of intelligence and information so that we are prepared in the best possible way for when the event takes place," said McElroy.

Other nude nightclub owners told the Tampa Tribune they don't expect to see an increase in business with the Republican National Convention because the Republicans are too conservative.

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