Fox attacks woman; rabies suspected

By Greg Argos - bio | email

LITTLE RIVER, SC  (WMBF) - Katelynn Goins, her sister and a friend were enjoying their time on a trampoline when they noticed something strange.

"All of a sudden I heard a noise, and I looked out and I thought it was [my friend]," Katelynn said.

The noise didn't come from her friend. It was a fox that appeared to have rabies, and it was trying to bite them from under the trampoline.

"My mom's like, 'Don't move. Stay there on the trampoline guys,'" Katelynn explained.

While the three girls stayed up off the ground, Katelynn's father, Keith Goins came to the rescue.

"I used a nine millimeter hollow point," he recalled.

Goins shot at the fox, which scared it away for a bit. However, before long, the it was back, and so was Cindy Funderburk, who was picking up her daughter.

"[The fox] chased me across the street, and I ran between two cars. As I ran between two cars, he just kept biting my ankles," recalled Funderburk.

Funderburk had to get her ankle stitched, and Goins knew he had to get the fox.

"At that point, I was focused on taking him out, because like I said, I didn't want it to come back around and attacking our kids," Goins said.

Goins was able to shoot the animal, and it was brought to the Horry County Animal Care Center. Right now, the fox is being tested for rabies.

Kelly Bonome, who works as the operations manager at the Horry County Animal Care Center, says if something like this happens in your backyard, stay calm.

"Don't run, because that is only going to excite the animal more," Bonome suggested.

While it may not have been the right move, in the heat of the moment, that's about all Cindy Funderbunk could do.

"He just wouldn't let go, and he just wouldn't stop pursuing me," she remembered.

Rabies test results are expected back Tuesday.

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