Is the Internet truly addictive?

LAKE CHARLES, LA (KPLC) - A recent University of Maryland study revealed that American college students are hooked on cell phones, social media and the Internet.

Researchers claim students were showing symptoms similar to drug and alcohol addiction.

If you were to sit down and figure out how much time a day you spend on the Internet, the answer may surprise you, just like it did some McNeese students.

"I use the web three or four hours a day at least. I mean, I have a lot of research to do for all my classes," Ryan Lemelle said.

Meanwhile, Deanna Conn said she spends almost six hours at the most on the computer.

On college campuses, there's a number of ways for students to get on the Internet, whether it's in the classroom or even on their cell phones, the possibilities are endless, along with the number of hours these college students are spending on the Internet.

"I use the Internet at home, my laptop, the school library, as well as my work and my phone," said Conn.

Lemmelle added, "Everyone's doing it, whether it's Twittering, Facebooking, MySpacing - everyone is always on there."

Chris Thomas, the associate dean of student life at McNeese, says whether you stream it, type it, or text it, balancing school work and the Internet is becoming increasingly difficult for students.

"If we're working with student groups and we ask them to do something and they can't get it finished and then we sit down and start talking about how they're using their time, you find out the things like the Internet or social networking are huge vampires of their time for the day, and it's hard for them to balance work, and school, and socializing, and studying, and the Internet," said Thomas.

When it comes to how you would react in a world where there is no world wide web, it all just depends on the person.

"I would probably actually read a book," said Lemelle.

"(I'd) Die, maybe," said Conn.

Two very different answers on both sides of the cyber spectrum.

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