Trio of students honored in "My Magnificent Mom" contest

Jennifer Jonson
Jennifer Jonson
Carolina Elswick
Carolina Elswick

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - May 9 is a day to celebrate that special female figure in your life, and now a trio of youngsters along the Grand Strand is being recognized for their entries into this year's "My Magnificent Mom" contest.

The three created a unique essay about why they have the most magnificent mom. Each winning mother was surprised with a special delivery at their workplace by the Knights of The Realm from Medieval Times, the Chick-fil-A Cow and the Sonic Tater Tot.

Sierra Knox, 14, a homebound student at Blackwater Middle School, captured the 12-14 age group award with an essay honoring her foster mother, Gwendolyn.

"She is a loving person. I met my foster mom, who I consider my real mom, when I was a newborn baby. She decided to take care of me when I was born because I have medical disabilities. In addition to taking care of me, she also takes care of five of my siblings, who are also foster children. My mom is fabulous because she provides us with everything we need. Mom had breast cancer this last year, but she still put us first. My mom is the best!"

Eleven-year-old Jennifer Jonson, a student at Ocean Bay Elementary, won the contest in the 9-11 age group with her essay about her "one-of-a-kind" mother, Marcia.

"She's one-of-a-kind who is always there and cares. I can't explain how awesome she is, but I can say that she's my mother. She's hard working! She works in a church and is the pastor's wife. She sometimes translates for Brazilians because they don't speak hardly any English. My mom is very loving! She tucks me in a cozy, gigantic bed! She lets me be who I want to be. When I'm lonely, she talks to me to make me feel good about myself. No matter what happens, she will always stay in my heart."

Also taking home honors in the 6-8 age group is Carolina Elswick, 8, who is a student at Myrtle Beach Elementary. She said her mother, Tami, is marvelous because she works six jobs to support her family.

"She is always there when I have a nightmare. She lays with me and tucks me in. Her stories are wonderful. Her cookies are great too! She has six jobs but she helps me when homework gets hard. She [is] always there for me when I need help with baseball. When I'm in trouble, she doesn't yell. She gives the best hugs. Mommy doesn't always get my style the first time, but she keeps on trying till it's right. I'll always count on her. I love mommy and she loves me."

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