Consider This - Gov. Sanford

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

My personal political viewpoint usually leans just a little to the right. However, I'm not even close to being a party line vote kind of guy. In fact, I typically vote for the best candidate or support the issue based on its merit, not whether or not it is being endorsed by the right or the left.

One thing I'm really looking forward to is voting for a new governor and Gov. Mark Sanford finally being out of office. Our North Carolina viewers are lucky they have not had the pleasure of dealing with our lame duck leader the past year. We're facing tough times in South Carolina and it calls for tough decisions in terms of budget cuts and revenue growth. His recent vetoes of the cigarette taxes and court fees showed more political posturing rather than strong leadership. Thank goodness the legislature, which is majority Republican, had the common sense to override the cigarette taxes and hopefully will do the same with the court fees.

I'm certainly not in favor of more taxes, but sometimes tough situations call for tough decisions. In fact, I would guess most of us would prefer that we not have any taxes, but we also know the services we expect from our governmental entities have to be funded. If only we could figure out a way to reduce income taxes and impose use taxes, like the increased cigarette tax, for all items. Then people would not get penalized for working harder to earn more money, we would pay based on our spending decisions. Of course, that type of thinking will most likely never happen, especially while Gov. Sanford is in office, so we can only hope future state leaders strive for common sense leadership rather than the one way is the only way mentality we have now.

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