Does It Work: Frog Tape

(KFVS) - Frog Tape is supposed to keep paint from bleeding through, but does it work?

Jenny Dubois is more than excited to re-do her family's bathroom. She hopes Frog Tape makes the job easier than regular painter's tape.

"Everything else is painted in the house," she said. "This is the only thing that hasn't been."

First, Jenny applies the tape around the light switch and then around the door. Once the prep work is finished, it's time to roll on the color.

Some already dripped onto the Frog Tape. It makes for a good test. After all, no paint is supposed to bleed through thanks to the so-called "paint-block technology" and "micro barrier" in the Frog Tape.

It looks like some paint might bleed through a bit because the tape isn't all the way pressed down. That'll be good for the test, too.

We give the coat plenty of drying time and return three days later for the big reveal.

"Looks pretty good," Jenny said. "One little spot."

Here's what else looks good: how easy the tape comes off. You've probably used painter's tape before and end up scratching some of the remaining tape off with a putty knife or something else. Not the Frog Tape.

"Some tape you have to get your fingernails in there and dig," Jenny said. "This did really well."

But as predicted, where the tape wasn't lying flat, we have leakage.

"It comes down to how easy it is to apply and it's human error," Jenny explained. "If you don't get it on completely right, then it won't work right."

Where you make the perfect seam, Frog Tape makes the perfect finish. For $12, it's actually comparable in price to regular painter's tape.

"A-minus or B-plus," Jenny graded.

We give Frog Tape a B-plus because there is that human error factor. Still, if you get it right, the results can be great.

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