BP considers to options to halt Gulf oil spill

(NBC) - The only thing that seems clear this morning is that oil is still pouring into the gulf.

John Putnam, BP's Incident Commander, says they are working with others to fix this problem.

"Some of the industry's best experts, even outside BP, are doing everything they possible can to fight the source," he commented.

BP is apparently considering two options. The "top hat" containment dome is sitting idle on the gulf floor right now, but could be deployed in the next few days.

A second strategy is called the insertion tube. It involves sending a new riser down to the leak point with a 6-inch pipe inside. A tapered end would be snaked past debris and into the well. The oil would then be suctioned out to a waiting tanker.

Engineers are searching for anyway to control the spill.

There is now new concern the oil already floating on, and perhaps lurking under the gulf waters may be moving in.

Garland Robinette of WWL Radio in Louisiana says the full effects of the spill have yet to be felt.

"In three different parishes on three different shores, we're seeing tar balls. About the size of a softball, about the consistency of Jello, and it may be coming in underwater, if that's true, we're really threatened in seafood and oil energy," he said.

The threat, along with the slick, continues to grow.

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