Fire destroys family home, tornado knocks down replacement

Shawnee, OK - (NBC) - After losing everything in Monday's tornadoes, an Oklahoma family is living in tents and campers outside what used to be their home.

Jackie Dunsworth and her family lost everything on their 55 acre property just south of I-40 near Shawnee.

"When everything came through, we kind of pretty much knew when we came out there wasn't going to be nothing left," said Dunsworth.

A single wall of her home was all that was left standing. The home, two barns and a cattle arena were all destroyed in the tornado.

Just two years ago, the family lost their home to a fire and had to re-build. For the second time, Dunsworth says they will once again pick up the pieces.

"The main thing is that everybody was okay. This is all just things that can be rebuilt, it can be cleaned up."

The family is waiting for their insurance company to survey the damage. At that point, they will start to clean up the mess and find another place to stay.

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