Rob Lowe tries his hand at comedy as newest member of "Parks and Recreation" cast

(NBC) - Rob Lowe had four seasons of high drama in the oval office. Now, he's getting the political flip side in tiny Pawnee, Indiana.

"We wanted to make the comedy version of 'The West Wing'," the actor said.

At least, that's how "Parks and Recreation"'s creators pitched Lowe's role as Chris Trager, an overly enthusiastic state auditor.

"Whether he's describing how he wants his water, or the colors on a graph, everything means the world to him," Lowe said.

However, his character is paired with an auditing opposite.

"He's the good cop, I'm the bad cop," said actor Adam Scott, who plays Ben. "He's all sunshine, smiles, and I'm all darkness and gloom."

Scott's a permanent addition to the "Parks" cast while Lowe's on board for at least 8 episodes, into next season. There's an option for more. Lowe was available for 'Parks' duty because his run on ABC's "Brothers and Sisters" is wrapping up this season.

In fact, this spring, Lowe spent several weeks going back and forth between the sets of the two shows. Enough for him to know it was exactly 17 blocks between them.

"I'm having the time of my life," the actor said.

"It's such a good part for Rob because he gets to be all the things he is," said series co-star Rashida Jones, "But he gets to pump it up."

There is one exception - romance.

"He's not a romantic lead," Lowe said, which would be a contrast from many of his roles. "He's a big fat nerd, and I'm loving it."

Pawnee might never be the same.

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