Kitty to the rescue

(NBC) – An ordinary house cat in Tripoli, IO, is getting some extraordinary attention after helping a woman who fell.

"Tinker" the cat got her owner's attention after hearing a noise in the bathroom.

It wasn't just any noise. The neighbor in another apartment was lying on the floor with a broken hip.

Tinker's owner knew something was odd that morning.

"She ran out of the bathroom and she ran to me and looked at me and then she ran back to the bathroom and back again. I thought, well, there's got to be something wrong in there and she meowed the last time," Angie Boeckman said.

Boeckman listened closely and heard neighbor Gertrude Buhrow calling for help. Buhrow had fallen and broken her hip.

Thanks partially to Tinker, she is back home after being in a nursing home for several weeks.

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