Hope Grows: Scientists tracking development of baby black bear

(NBC) – A famous black bear is growing up fast.

"Hope" was born this winter as thousands watched live on the internet.

"Hope is doing terrific! She's an only child, gets all the milk, gets all six nipples! So it's nice to see her develop like this," says Dr. Lynn Rogers of the North American Bear Center, near Ely, MN.

Hope is a healthy 14-week-old. She is out of her den and living in the back country.

Rogers has been keeping track of the pair since mother and cub left their den on April 1.

"At this stage of her life she's starting to already eat some foods in addition to milk, and a big thing in her life is play," said Rogers. "She would be playing with other cubs and little with mom. Being an only child she plays with mom and mom plays rough, but little Hope comes right back for more."

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