Money troubles could close Myrtle Beach Rescue

North Myrtle Beach, SC - By Kyle Grainger - bio | email

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - Volunteers at Myrtle Beach Rescue are trying to figure out how to come up with $10,000 in the next few months to cover operating expenses so they can continue to serve the community.

Chief Kenny Elmore of Myrtle Beach Rescue said this year, his department has been hit with high expenses and low donations. The combination of the two means if current finances don't change, the squad's ambulances may have to be parked.

"If things don't turn around shortly, we may be out of business before too long," said Elmore. "It's quite expensive, and especially being a non-profit organization, we basically rely on the community for support."

Officials confirmed the squad has responded to 136 calls so far this year that city and county ambulances didn't have to make. City and county ambulances would have to pick up the slack if Myrtle Beach Rescue discontinues service.

Myrtle Beach Rescue operates off of donations and a certain portion of money from Horry County. In 2010, the county may cut $12,000 from the squad, leaving them to figure out where to make up the loss.

"In the past, that's normally around $12,000 and we've used that to offset vehicle costs, insurance and stuff like that," said Elmore.

Anyone wishing to donate to the squad can contact the following address:

Myrtle Beach Volunteer Rescue Squad
P.O. Box 2324
Myrtle Beach, SC 29528-2324

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