Consider This - Sex for Sale Feedback

By Ted Fortenberry - bio | email

We received quite a bit of feedback on our special report last week regarding prostitution in the strip clubs that welcome visitors to the Grand Strand, and we thought we would share some of those comments with you.

Neil writes, "I completely disagree with your premise that adult establishments are bad for our community. Do you know how many golfers, convention goers and other people come to this area because of the adult nightlife? My family visits the area frequently from Tennessee, and they bring their children. I have NEVER once heard of the existence of adult clubs being any issue whatsoever. It is only the puritanical sexually repressed prudes like yourself that have a problem with the clubs. I thought news agencies were supposed to report happenings with an unbiased point of view. Your commentary was more disgusting than strip clubs and prostitution."

John has a different perspective: "I want the families to come back to Myrtle Beach and enjoy their stay without concern of where their children may get propositioned for sexual acts. I want to bring back our beautiful blue collar resort where middle class families came every year to enjoy a week of affordable fun."

And from a dancer who works at a local establishment, "I work in one of the clubs you investigated. All I have to say is thank you. The management is a lot stricter now. It's easier to make an honest living as a dancer when you don't have to compete with such activity. I hate girls doing things like that; it really makes it harder for women like me who only dance for a living, and gives us a bad name. But really, just thank you."

And thank YOU for sharing your perspective with us. If you'd like to read more comments from viewers just log onto our website and search for the story Sex for Sale.

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