CO grandma prepares to compete in arm-wrestling championship

Leadville, CO - (NBC) - She is not only the grandmother to seven children, but also one of the best arm wrestlers in the world.

Margie Ciaccio has been arm wrestling for 18 years and has four world championship titles.

She lives and works out in Leadville, CO, but is so good at what she does she was invited to compete at the in the Armwar's competition held in London on May 29.

Ciaccio says only the best of the best get invited to take part in the event, which she says will air and be watched by more than 230 million European viewers.

The only problem is that it is expensive.

"Athletes are expected to fund their own expenses through sponsorships, due to the enormous exposure that the show affords," Ciaccio said.

So the arm wrestling grandma is looking for sponsors to help pay for the trip.

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