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The look and taste of boxed wine is improving

(NBC) - Boxed wine has been around since the 1960s, but it's starting to look and taste a lot different.

There are now more than 50 companies selling cardboard carton versions of some of your favorite bottles, but boxed wine seems to be more of a conversation ender for many cork-sniffers.

Whole Foods' wine specialist Chris DeMers admitted it won't be easy convincing customers it's OK to drink Chardonnay or Cabernet from a tap.

While boxed wine seems to be improving in taste and popularity, DeMers said bottled wine shouldn't feel threatened.

"I don't see this as the next generation so to speak but, I see it as an adaptation of something old with a stigma being reinvented," he said.

Companies pack the wine in vacuum sealed containers that preserve the wine for up to six weeks. Compare that to an opened bottle of wine, it's only good for a couple of days.

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