Drivers say no traffic-tie ups so far during bike week

Myrtle Beach, SC - MYRTLE BEACH,SC (WMBF NEWS) - Though a smaller turnout of bikers may be hurting business- it's not hurting drivers. Drivers say so far there have been no major traffic tie-ups.

Surfside Beach residents Larry Borries and his wife say they used to avoid certain areas during the rally.

"There were certain places in the south that in the past you took your time if you had to go to because of the enormous numbers of bikers," he said. "But there just hasn't been any congestion this year."

He says bikers haven't affected his commute at all.

"It's just like they're not here really," he commented.

Bikers like Robert Miller agree.

"There's no one on the roads right now because no one is really here," he said, hoping more arrive throughout the week. "I mean, we drove almost 700 miles to get here. I hope it fills up."

Fellow biker Don Fatruso says he feels safer on the roads when he is surrounded by bikers. Riding in a pack makes other drivers more aware, and more cautious, he says.

As for Borries, he's says traffic has been pretty clear, something he is not used to during a bike rally.

"There's been no problem going any place," he said. "In fact we just drove down the [US-17] bypass and were surprised at how little traffic there was hardly any bikers."

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