Cinco de Mayo festival draws smaller crowd than some expected

MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) - With the race in Darlington to the beginning of bike week, people across the region had plenty of options for Saturday entertainment. To help bring people to Ocean boulevard a Cinco de Mayo festival was held near the new boardwalk.

"The whole day has been terrible," said Fabiola Gonzalez, who setup a booth at the event. "There wasn't enough advertising" said Gonzalez.

The festival packed a water slide, dozens of food options, and live entertainment. Some vendors who have been coming to Myrtle Beach for several years said the festivals are starting to make up for business lost from bikers.

"I think it will fill the gap," said Joseph Crajeck, who traveled from North Carolina to sell Italian ice desserts.

"I think it will take a long time before its where it used to be" said Crajeck.

People at the event said that they appreciated the city trying to create new events to draw more people to the area.

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