Mayfest keeps businesses busy

NORTH MYRTLE BEACH, SC (WMBF) – Mayfest on Main kept businesses busy on Saturday.

Suzanne Gilman is from the area, and was shopping in a store off of Main Street.

She admits she wouldn't be shopping as much if it weren't for the festival.  "We wouldn't be here in this store if it wasn't for attending the Mayfest."

Gilman went shopping with her friends, and their husbands stayed outside to enjoy the weather. "They gave us the credit cars and the cash!" Gilman said.

"It's air conditioned and [shoppers can] come in and get a little break from the heating out there," said Benyamin Visan Owner of Kings at the Beach store. "A lot of happy faces and we're happy and everything is just good."

Timothy Washington and his family drove in from North Carolina for the weekend, just to attend the festival. "We're having a real good time," he said. "We had something to eat, we had ice cream over there and went over there and got food it's a lovely time."

Washington says his family hopes to shop later. Business owners, like Visan say they are grateful for a busy store.

"So far so good," Visan said. "As you can see people standing in line.- I mean what else can I ask?"

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