Florence PGBA jobs in limbo

Florence, SC - By Brandon Herring - bio | email

FLORENCE, SC (WMBF) – The PGBA company has another chance to secure a contract that provides jobs for about 800 people in its Florence office.

PGBA is based in Florence and has other offices in Surfside Beach, Columbia and Camden.

PGBA has provided support services for TRICARE, the U.S. military healthcare program, for years. TRICARE has contracted with Humana Military Healthcare Services to manage its South Region, and Humana has subcontracted some of those services to workers at PGBA's Florence office.

TRICARE has also contracted with Health Net Federal Services to manage its North Region, and Health Net has subcontracted some of those services to workers at PGBA's Surfside Beach office.

PGBA workers in Columbia and Camden handle services for both Humana and Health Net.

In July 2009, TRICARE announced that Humana and Health Net lost their contracts when they came up for renewal. However, Humana and Health Net appealed that decision.

On Wednesday, TRICARE announced it re-evaluated bids for the contracts and decided to renew with Health Net, which secured jobs for PGBA employees in Surfside Beach.

TRICARE also announced it was requesting revised bids from Humana and the other companies who originally bid for the contract on the South Region.

Because Humana has another chance to win the contract with TRICARE, it means PGBA also still has a chance to retain the subcontract.

"They're back in the competitive process," said PGBA President and COO Mike Skarupa. "Clearly that is not a done deal by any stretch, but we're given another opportunity to resubmit under the amendment process."

The announcement that TRICARE would accept revised bids was welcome news to Skarupa and many others at PGBA. If Human and therefore PGBA loses the contract with TRICARE, it could cost PGBA approximately 800 of its approximately 900 Florence workers.

A spokesperson for TRICARE said Human has 14 days to resubmit a bid. A decision about the contract would follow quickly after that, but the spokesperson said there is no specific deadline for a decision.

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