Presidential cancer advisors give their latest findings

(NBC) - Americans are exposed to thousands of cancer-causing agents in the environment every day and not enough is being done to stop it.  At least that's what presidential cancer advisors said Thursday.

The annual President's Cancer Report was released Thursday and raises concerns over chemicals found in pollution, household objects and medical imaging tests.

Experts said many of the chemicals Americans are exposed to are understudied, and in most cases, have never been studied at all.

They said simple lifestyle change like eating organic when possible, using glass containers when heating food in the microwave, and testing radon levels in your home may reduce the cancer risk.

These steps are especially important for children. Their risk for cancer may be higher.

Dr. LaSalle Leffall, Jr. is the chair of the President's Cancer Panel.

"We know that children are much more vulnerable, and its believed because of their rapidly growing cells and dividing cells," Leffall said.  "We want to be absolutely certain that we do whatever we can to make sure what we do for children is very safe."

Experts are quick to say much more research is needed.  They don't know if avoiding all potential chemical exposure will have any impact.

What they do know is more studies need to be done looking at all environmental risk factors.

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