Struggle continues to clean-up Gulf Coast oil spill

(NBC) - Along the Gulf Coast, it is a struggle to survive the massive oil slick.

"The oil is expected here in about three days," said Capt. Marcus Young of the Alabama National Guard.

It has been slow going. Those who used to fish these waters have joined in the fight to save them. Instead of hauling in their catch, they now haul out miles of boom. Many are now working for BP, the company they blame for the spill.

Fisherman Todd Rooks said, "We gotta do what we can. I don't want free money. I wanna work for it. I've got a boat and the knowledge."

Many also have the knowledge that things are forecasted to get much worse in the coming days.

NOAA reports that a remotely operated vehicle was able to cap one of the leaks, but some 200,000 gallons of oil a day are still pouring into the Gulf. Full deployment of those massive boxes to cover the gushers could still be a week away and may not even work.

"I think it is pretty clear here that there was not proper preparation for the worst case scenario in the Gulf," said Rep. Ed Markey

But ready or not, many say the worst-case scenario is hee and the oil's arrival on land isn't far behind.

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